Toto Toilet 1



  • Fits most elongated toilets via quick-release brackets.
  • Compact design is just over 5 inches high.
  • Hybrid heater technology provides instant and unlimited warm water for consistent comfort.
  • Stainless-steel wand auto-cleanses before and after each use.
  • Separate front and rear nozzles for maximum comfort and personalization.
  • Adjustable nozzle position, water temperature, and water pressure.
  • Oscillating wash covers a wider area of cleansing.
  • Turbo setting produces a massaging effect as water moves back and forth.
  • Air bubble wash offers a soft, gentle wash with effective cleansing.
  • Warm-air dryer with adjustable temperature.
  • Heated seat with three temperature levels.
  • Side-mounted control panel is accessible and easy to use.
  • Sittable lid for convenience.
  • Soft-close seat and lid prevent slamming.
  • Powerful, chemical-free, carbon filter air deodorizer automatically minimizes odors.
  • Infrared (IR) occupied seat sensor with auto shutoff (includes override for use with adaptive devices).
  • Two-stage energy-saving feature.